Make this the least stressful decision of your week.

We understand that everyone has individual needs and expectations, so we take the necessary time to understand what helps you relax…and just as importantly, what doesn’t.

Our full menu of restorative treatments and therapies has been modified to help provide some much-needed stress relief during these trying times, while also keeping you and our highly-skilled Massage Therapists & Estheticians safe and comfortable.

Please read our Spa Policy for important reminders on booking, canceling, and rescheduling your appointment. To request your Del Soul getaway please book using our online portal or give us a call at 860-436-4330.

Learn more about our full range of services, including:


All massages come with complimentary heat therapy. All massage treatments can be customized to focus on your particular needs.

Helps relieve pain, reduces stress, and releases tension from all of your day’s activities.

30 min • $65
60 min • $100
90 min • $130

This treatment uses deeper pressure and is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. Focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia.

30 min • $70
60 min • $105
90min • $135

Focuses on the needs of the mother to be as her body goes through the physical changes of pregnancy. Enhances the function of muscles and joints, while improving circulation. Improves mental and physical wellbeing allowing new moms to enjoy the best side of pregnancy.

60 min • $100
90 min • $130

Literally meaning “foot” (ashi) “pressure” (atsu), this massage uses the combination of gravitational force and deep compression massage using the therapist’s feet. Helps to elongate the spine and surrounding muscles, relieve muscle pain, and promotes natural mobilization.

60 min • $110
90 min • $140

A specialty massage using smooth heated stones in correlation to hands-on work.  The heat promotes relaxation while also warming up tight muscles and allowing your therapist to better work into problem areas. This massage is both lavish and deeply relaxing.

60 min • $105
90 min • $135

A great way to relax and indulge for both you and your loved one. This massage can be enjoyed not only with your hunny, but with friends, and family members as well. A great way to defuse with someone you love.

Please note: The best way to book a couple’s massage is to email us!

60 min • $210
90 min • $270

+ $20 for deep tissue
+ $20 for hot stone

Transcend yourself into another dimension. Combining different modalities of therapeutic, hot stone, and ashiatsu, this exclusive massage is one of a kind. A perfect treatment for the spa-goer who wants to try something new.

90 min • $150

Ancient, alternative massage places cups on the skin that creates a vacuum by suctioning out air to raise underlying tissue. Helps to enhance circulation, manage pain, and pull out toxins, loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system which in turn helps to reduce anxiety, fatigue, and even migraines! DISCLAIMER: Cupping does cause the skin to turn red, blue, or purple, especially where there is an injury or energetic block.

60 min • $110
90 min • $140

Anything goes! This is a fully customizable massage based on what the therapist thinks, sees, and feels about your body. A full body assessment of you followed by a 90 minute massage using all the different modalities that we have to offer (Hot Stone, Cupping, CBD oil, heat therapy, sugar scrubs, body masks, etc). This is the crème de la crème of full body treatments. It truly is an experience for the mind, body, and soul.

90 min • $160

Chair massage is a great service to show your employees you appreciate them while promoting relaxation and general wellbeing in the workplace. For more details on how we can come to you, email us!

*Due to current state mandates we are unable to offer home or work services at this time.

additional therapist • +$85/hr

CBD oil is a non psychedelic extract of industrial hemp that offers amazing healing benefits. Helps with chronic pain, certain skin conditions, anxiety, arthritis, and joint swelling. We all have CB1 & CB2 receptors in our endocannabinoid system. Placing it on your skin works like a lock and key. ENJOY!

Add to any massage or body treatment: $20

This wonderful whip is powder-soft and packed full of top performing, anti-aging peptides that visibly firm the look of your skin over time. Use this moisturizer to smooth the look of wrinkles, and dull, uneven textured skin. The formula is boosted by vitamin-rich emollient oils that lock in hydration and suppleness so your body gets back to its youth, with every rub. This is the stuff of dreams!

Add to any massage or body treatment: $5

All facials and hydrafacials are customizable based on consultation with your aesthetician. Try one of our add ons to any facial for the ultimate skin experience. Prices are subject to change depending on products used and what your skin might need at the time of service. Complimentary consultations are given with every facial. Looking for hydrafacial services?

Firming Peptide Facial • $130
Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. Infuse the skin with intelligent ingredients that will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm luminous glow.

Clarifying Facial • $120
This treatment is designed to effectively remove the keratin build up to reduce bacteria and acne lesions. Finish with an anti inflammatory green tea mask that will deliver powerful healing antioxidants while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the skin. The skin will be left feeling invigorated and clear.

Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Facial • $120
Dry dehydrated skin will be transformed with a complex blend of hydrating peptides and botanicals to infuse critical hydration in the skin, resulting in overall health and hydration.

Chocolate and Champagne Facial • $140
Indulge your senses with the aroma of sweet chocolate as the natural antioxidants and nourishing elements of raw cocoa powder add protection and boost healing for any skin type. The gentle exfoliation of natural papaya and pineapple enzymes will effectively polish and prepare the skin for the revitalizing oxygen treatment. Relax as the effervescence of pure oxygen boosts circulation, stimulates cell turnover and leaves the complexion hydrated and revitalized.

Add on Peels • $20
Wanting that extra boost? Ask your esthetician which peel best suits your needs:

  • Alpha/Beta
  • Hydrating Lactic Acid

Want to keep it all natural? Try our award-winning results driven skincare line that will address all your skincare needs in a gentle, more organic kind of way. Farmhouse Fresh is a feel good line, that you can feel good about using on your skin.


Face the Freshness with this Hi Bio Hemp infused, super hydrating facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask and moisturize your worries away with Farmhouse Fresh’s brand new CBD infused skincare product line. The perfect way to refuel your skin, while reconnecting with your overall well being.

$100 • +$110 w/ extractions

When you need a lift, you need the work that goes Beyond Botox. This treatment protects, rejuvenates and catapults your cells to regenerate, tighten and firm. This treatment aggressively and gentle, addressing the symptoms of aging skin from the very first treatment, resulting in a lasting, more youthful appearance. Beyond Botox includes the therapeutic benefits of the Essentials facial while incorporating dermaplane exfoliation, a boost of Lactic Acid, ending with an instant firming treatment that addresses fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is excellent before a big event or if you just want to feel great and get noticed.

$180 • 90 min.

Oxygen is essential for all life. It is important to differentiate between the activities of oxygen entering the body through respiration versus the benefit of a topical application. Oxygen is an ideal treatment for acne because it helps to kill P. Acne bacteria that’s on the skin’s surface and deep inside the follicle. It also makes extractions of comedones and blackheads easier. Oxygen is a wonderful option for Rosacea because it helps control the demodex mite, a main trigger causing rosacea.

$90 • 45 min.

Cleanse the most neglected parts of the body. use of steam, cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions helps in eliminate acne and blackheads, while soothing mask, light massage and hot towel leaves skin refreshed.


Hot stones and cold marbles stimulate circulation and relaxation. With warm oils and a mask based on your skin type, there are no extractions or harsh elements, ideal for rejuvenation and a nice healthy glow.


Full skincare consult and we will mix the right cocktail for you. Love what we recommend? Buy three of the products we recommend at a 10% discount. Want the whole kit and caboodle? Take 15% the entire product purchase (4 products or more)


The benefits of exfoliation will leave your skin brighter and smoother. The treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles and ease hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone.

$70 • 45 min.

+ dermaplaning • $30

+ oxygen • $30

+ Manual Lymphatic Therapy • $25
Helps to detoxify the skin Removing unwanted build-up which is important in optimizing skin health so skin can be naturally healthy and radiant from the inside out. 33% of the lymphatic system is in the face.

+ LED Red lights • $25

Red lights have wavelengths of 620-630 nanometers that help calm redness and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

+ LED Blue lights • $25
Blue lights target p. Acne bacteria, the strain of bacteria that plays a key role in causing most acne conditions.

This treatment is basically a facial for your entire body. A scrub customized to the season exfoliates, while steamy hot towels and an application of a high-quality all natural moisturizer will leave your skin nourished and hydrated. Your skin will feel, soft, smooth, and irresistibly touchable.

45 min • $100

Why end with just a buff when you can have the fluff? Add an extra 45 min of massage to our “Body Buff” treatment. This 90 minute service will leave you soft, smooth, and so stress free you might even consider canceling that next therapy session!

90 min • $160

This treatment is basically a facial for your entire body including your face. A scrub customized to the seasonal exfoliants, while steamy hot towels and an application of high-quality, all-natural moisturizers will leave your skin nourished and hydrated. Your skin will feel, soft, smooth, and irresistibly touchable. Round out this amazing treatment with our signature “In the Buff” Farmhouse Fresh Facial for a complete head-to-toe glow.

105 min • $200 & up

Need a few minutes of time out without the full body massage but want to leave feeling like you had one? Then this service is for you. Start with an exfoliating foot scrub followed by an infused steam towel wrap. An aromatherapy face, scalp, hand, and arm massage followed by 30 minutes of foot massage really rounds out this lavish treatment. All of the decadence of a full body massage with all the focus on those problem areas that really need attention!

45 min • $100

Our own little slice of heaven this service is the perfect blend of all the yummy things a spa has to offer. This treatment starts with a gentle dry brushing to stimulate and gently exfoliate your skin in preparation for you  to indulge in a full body massage. An aromatic scalp massage, farmhouse fresh hand and foot scrub, hot stones, and hot towel application is the cherry on top of this delicious service. It truly is heaven sent, a service you want to request 24/7.

75 min • $140

The 24/heaven wasn’t enough? Add a little extra time and a mini facial to really give you that out-of-body, heavenly experience.

90 min • $160

The HydraFacial is a medical grade resurfacing rejuvenating treatment appropriate for all skin types. It is both a physical and chemical peel deeply cleansing the skin of embedded oil and debris, nourishing and detoxifying the skin from the inside out. What makes this treatment so unique is our vortex fusion delivery system, delivering antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid into the skin creating a perfectly clean and healthy looking skin with no discomfort and downtime. Three steps, thirty minutes, the best skin of your life.

Deep cleanse, extract, and hydrate the skin through our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid.

4 treatment package: $680.40 (10% off)
6 treatment package: $963.60 (15% off)
12 treatment package: $1,814.40 (20% off)


This treatment includes all of the essentials of the Signature Hydrafacial while also addressing specific skin concerns through Hydrafacial boosters then concludes with LED light therapy.

4 treatment package: $900 (10% off)
6 treatment package: $1,275 (15% off)
12 treatment package: $2,400 (20% off)


The ultimate Hydrafacial experience.  Begin the detoxification process with Lymphatic Drainage.  Follow with a Signature Hydrafacial to deeply cleanse, extract , and hydrate the skin.  Address specific skin concerns with a booster of your choice.  End with LED Light therapy to further reduce signs of aging.

4 treatment package: $1,080 (10% off)
6 treatment package: $1,530 (15% off)
12 treatment package: $3,240 (20% off)


Deeply cleanse, peel, resurface, extract, and rehydrate your skin. Add blue LED light therapy to target and kill p. acne bacteria; the leading cause of acne breakouts.


Lip Perk 
Brightens and conditions skin, stimulates circulation to promote natural plumpness. Take home treatment included.


Eye Perk
Reduces eye puffiness, protects and supports skin elasticity, and soothes and hydrated around the eye area. Take home treatment included.


Medical Grade Eye Perk by Color Science


+ Neck and décolleté • $127
+ Add neck and décolleté to Hydrafacial • $95
+ Hands • $30

+ Manual Lymphatic Therapy • $25
Helps to detoxify the skin removing unwanted build-up which is important in optimizing skin health so skin can be naturally healthy and radiant from the inside out. 33% of the lymphatic system is in the face.

+ LED Red lights • $25

Red lights have wavelengths of 620-630 nanometers that help calm redness and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

+ LED Blue lights • $25
Blue lights target p. Acne bacteria, the strain of bacteria that plays a key role in causing most acne conditions.

We are offering packages on a limited basis. The easiest way to schedule your appointment is to call 860-436-4330. Questions? Email us at [email protected] Please note: all packages require either a 20% deposit or credit card on file at time of booking.

+ 60 minute therapeutic massage (normally $90)
+ Glow on the Go facial (normally $90)
+ Del Soul Signature Pedicure (normally $70)


Hi Bio Hemp infused spa package (CBD products from Farmhouse Fresh)

+ CB-Destressor massage (60min • normally $95)
+ Fresh Faced CBD Facial (normally $95)
+ Blissed Out Bubbles CBD Pedi (normally $70)


24/heaven (75min • normally $130)
+ Ageless beauty facial (normally $100)
+ Del Soul Signature Pedicure (normally $70)


+ The Buff and Fluff (90min • normally $145)
+ Del Soul Signature Pedicure (normally $70)


Hot stone massage (60min • normally $95)
+ Icy/hot facial (normally $85)


None of our packages tickling your fancy? Curate your own spa day experience! Pick three services or more and receive 10% off your package.

*All services need to be booked same day and for the same client to receive discount. Services are final upon purchase and can not be changed. Can not be combined with other promotions or discounts.  

If you can grow it, we can wax it! Read more about our extensive waxing services.

Eyebrow sculpting • $20
Brow & Chin • $30
Chin • $10
Sideburns • $12
Full face (no lip) • $35
Lip • $10
Lip, Chin & Brow: $40
Underarm • $20
Full arm • $55
Lower arm • $35
Back & Shoulders • $60+
Chest • $45+
Stomach • $15
AB(Abs, Chest, Back) • $95
Bikini/swimsuit line • $35
Teenie Bikini • $50
Brazilian/sphinx (no hair down there!) • $65
Between the cheeks • $20
Cheeks •  $30
Manzilian • $85
Upper leg/bikini • 60
Upper leg/ braz • $100
Lower leg • $50
Lower leg/bikini • $60
Lower leg/braz • $95
Full leg (no bikini) • $75
Full leg/bikini • $100
Full leg/braz • $135
Full body wax • consult

Our ultra-hydrating lifting and tinting services are exclusively done with Elleebana products.

Classic • $150
Estimated time 1.5-2 hrs.

+ 2 week fill • $65
+ 3 week fill • $75

Hybrid • $180
Estimated time 2-2.5 hrs.

+ 2 week fill • $75
+ 3 week fill • $85

**4 weeks on subjected to possible full set pricing**

Lash Lift • $60
Lash Tint • $25
Lash Lift & Tint • $80
Lash Cleaning • $10
Lash Removal • $20

Brow Sculpt • $20
Brow Tint • $25
Brow Sculpt/Tint • $40

Buy 5 of any Hydrafacial and get the 6th on us.

Hydrafacials are literally the next best thing to Botox. Want that youthful look without the poke and prick? Then this facial is for you. Get your glow on with a simple three-step medical grade process that’s been proven effective for ALL skin types. Be red carpet ready in one hour or less with this effective yet gentle treatment on your skin

***expires after one year***

Add to any facial service & the provisions are on us!

Dealers choice for the facial, same effective end result. Add a hand and foot sugar scrub with a hot infused towel treatment and an aromatherapy scalp massage to any facial service of choice. You pick the facial, we add the relaxation.


This offer is free! Book any of our 90-minute spa treatments and receive a signature farmhouse fresh mini body oil, or cream on the house. ***mention this offer when booking***

How you can prepare, cancel, and reschedule your appointment.

Cancellation + Rescheduling Policy: If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. Del Soul Spa reserves the right to charge a fee equal to 50% of the value of the scheduled service for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours of notice. “No call and no shows” will be billed 100% of the value of the scheduled service.

Spa Party Services: Requests for changes to scheduled services can be made up until a week before the party date. To give you the best spa experience we adjust our staff scheduling and general flow, meaning all Spa Party services must be finalized one week before your visit. Cancellations of spa parties can be done up to two weeks before. Parties cancelled with less than two weeks notice will forfeit their 20% deposit fee.

Please note: Our service and reception hours vary. If you arrive to your spa appointment early during non-reception hours, you may experience a brief wait as our Del Soul Spa technicians arrive promptly at your scheduled time to unlock the door. We appreciate your cooperation and patience in coordinating with our staff.

Now that you’re ready, schedule your visit or call 860-436-4330 to begin restoring your mind, body and soul.