“I knew something was different about my massage sessions for years, but I didn’t know how to put it into words, until I felt called to go to Dharma school.”

Shamanic Massage w/ Heather

This massage explores the spiritual and energetic aspects of your being through bodywork. Shamanic massage combines traditional massage techniques with shamanic practices, and connecting with the natural world. It’s a holistic approach to wellness than can be deeply transformative for those seeking a more profound connection with themselves and their inner journey.

90 min • $180

“I continued down my own path of self-discovery, a new passion irreversibly unlocked, and now I have fully discovered my calling.”

Heather Perra

Shamanic Healer

I have always brought energy work to my massage sessions, offering my clients healing on a physical AND spiritual level. Now, through my own understanding of my calling, I am able to work on a deeper SOUL level for those who want it, while still giving you the same relaxation and full body wellness you look for in a traditional massage session.