It’s a blessing and a curse to own such a unique space like our own. What people have come to love about Del Soul Spa is our ability to give amazing services thoughtfully crafted to each client, while offering the comforts you expect of your own home. We pride ourselves on always giving phenomenal service, and always being a place of reprieve for our clients. Many of you now feel like family to us and that makes our space even more special. With that being said, we are in very unprecedented times, which currently do not allow us to adequately operate our spa the way our clients have come to expect. We are trying our best to navigate through these times, and rework our plans for reopening, while also not stripping away our spa of the comforts and top notch services that you have grown to know and love.

In the last month we have been working around the clock to prepare the spa as well as we can for all protocols that we thought would potentially be set for us. Although we have been told of a reopen date of June 17th, the state only just released the regulations on Sunday June 7th, and it quickly became apparent that a reopen this soon is going to be very difficult to do. Although we know we aren’t going to be the same for quite some time, our hope is that waiting a little longer will give us time to properly train our staff on all new regulations, find a way to make sure we don’t strip our spa of that “experience” factor our clients expect, and ultimately we hope that with a continuing decline of Covid-19 cases, regulations will soon loosen further to allow us to offer our full menu of services done in a reasonable manor. So far in phase two all facials and any facial waxing (with the exception of eyebrows) are still unable to be performed. Clients are expected to wear masks upon entering our space and for the duration of all services with no exceptions. The services allowed at this time are massage, nails, body waxing, and body treatments. All couples services and group spa days are suspended until further notice as they don’t follow social distancing guidelines. Staff is required to do all services fully masked, with face shields, and full scrubs that are to be changed after each service. We are to operate at 50% capacity of our 5 treatment rooms, along with an hour extra down time added per service to properly disinfect each treatment space after use. All common areas including our reception room are to remain closed to the public, and clients are expected to stay in their cars until time of service. There currently can be no beverages at all, except bottled water upon request. These are just a few regulations of the extensive list all spas have received and need to comply with. To say that spas now have a lot of work to do in order to make our temporary normal work for us is an understatement. We tell you this not to gain sympathy, or to cause anger towards our state because they are doing their part to keep us all safe. We have always been transparent with those who spend time with us, and we want to allow you to understand why it will be incredibly difficult to be successful with a reopen right now. We knew a reopen would be difficult in our industry, especially in phase two, but we hoped it would not be near impossible.

So what now? In the coming weeks, our management team will be working on how to implement all of these new regulations, and training our staff on how to work with our temporary normal. When we do finally reopen, we want to be sure that it is for good, and although it will be different, it will still be the same quality service and experience that our clients have come to know and deserve. Remember this is not forever, just for now, and we are going to be okay so don’t worry about us! We have a feeling that July might be our month to shine, and we all just need to be patient, and continue to stick together. In the coming weeks we will continue to keep you updated as all of this continues to unfold. As soon as we feel confident in our re-opening strategy all who have endured the long wait will finally get a personal invitation back into our home, and it will be a welcome and happy day for us all.

With love & gratitude,
Katie, Heather, & Staff