Safety Guidelines & Spa Policies

Everything you need to know for your upcoming appointment. 

Office Cleaning Protocols:

-All potential touchpoints and surfaces (ex: light fixtures, doorknobs, bathroom sinks, handles, tables etc.), are disinfected fully at the beginning and end of the day, as well as throughout the day as clients enter and leave our space.

-All linens are washed and dried in high heat, and are stored in sealed and disinfected Tupperware containers. All linens on tables are fresh and new for each client. 

-Barbacide is visible in each room and is used to disinfect all tools, tables, and touchpoints upon leaving the room. All rooms are also equipped with hand sanitizer and gloves. All tables, pillows, and face cradle covers have a vinyl barrier between sheets and table that is fully disinfected after each use. 

-As an extra safety measure, all rooms are now equipped with UV lights that are turned on after the room has been fully disinfected. UV light is proven to kill viruses on surfaces up to 99%.

What to expect before you visit us:

You are coming to see us, yay!

Please note, if you have traveled within the red travel restricted states, you are required to quarantine for a full 14-days before rescheduling your appointment. Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions at this time.

-You will get a confirmation email and text upon scheduling your appointment. This email will direct you to our new spa protocols and procedures for your upcoming appointment with us. Please make sure to read this so you know exactly what to expect upon arrival. 

-You will receive a new digital intake form along with a COVID-19 screening form that is to be completed before your upcoming appointment. Note: even if you have been with us in the past, you will have to complete the new intake form as we are going paperless. The COVID-19 screening form will need to be completed each time you have a scheduled appointment with us until further notice. 

If you are feeling ill, in any way, please cancel your appointment and reschedule when you are feeling 100%. Appointments canceled due to illness at this time do not adhere to our cancellation policy. All no calls and no shows will still adhere to the cancellation fee.

-We follow all mandates set for us by the state, this includes wearing your mask in our space. If you cannot wear a mask in our office for any reason, we kindly ask you to wait to schedule a service with us until this mandate is lifted. 


You got here… Now what???

When you arrive, you are welcome to sit in our socially distanced outdoor seating, or you can remain in your car. Do whatever makes you feel safe! You are welcome to use our text message check-in option by responding with a ‘Y’ to the message you received 15-30 minutes before your appointment, or if you are old school you can call the spa and alert us of your arrival. If you chose the text option, please do so when you have parked in our parking lot. 

-One of us will be out to offer you a canned and closed refreshment to enjoy while waiting for your appointment. Once we are ready for you to enter the building, your therapist will come get you, and you will be required to wear your mask to enter. Before entry, we will take a quick temperature and sanitize your hands. You will then be ready to go in and enjoy your service!

-If you need the bathroom, you will be able to do so, otherwise you will be escorted by your therapist right to your treatment room. 

-Speaking of therapists, we also adhere to CT state mandates. We will be masked up with eye protection for your safety and ours. We will also be washed up and properly sanitized before touching you. Fun fact: we take our temperatures too upon arrival! Check your therapist’s temperature at the front desk to feel extra great about your visit.


That was amazing, what happens now?

We are glad you asked! We now have have three cash out and rebooking stations. Two iPad and the checkout station in reception. Cash tips are still accepted at this time, but you can also utilize your therapists Venmo as well.  Before your appointment you will be advised by your therapist if they will be checking you out and rebooking you in your room after service, or if you are required to check out downstairs. This is to cut down on any client contact. If you have a preference on this please alert us ahead of time. Your safety is our top priority here!

-After you have cashed out and have rebooked your next appointment with us, you will be escorted back out of the building to enjoy the rest of your day. Until we see you again, be well and stay safe!